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Top Teacher Gifts – Thank You Presents for Teachers

What do teachers really want for gifts? Struggling for good gift ideas to say thank you? Check out our range of great teacher gifts with a difference!

By Leigh-Angel
Thu 03 December, 2020

2020. What a year it’s been!

After a whirlwind of schools being open, then closed, then open again, then not closed – and incredible attempts at online teaching, teachers and teaching staff are due some time to relax!

And what better way than with a great gift of appreciation.

Of course – you can never go wrong with chocolates and a bottle of wine. BUT a gift with a difference makes all the difference! Especially when it taps into a teacher’s adventurous and creative side… and helps leave the stresses of 2020 behind, starting the new term refreshed and ready to rock!

Our top teacher gifts include:

  1. Katumba Drumming Taster – £10 – Drum away the stresses of 2020!

Feel uplifted, inspired, full of energy and wanting more! Come drum with us and learn the basics of our band’s signature beats and moves that have taken us to performances around the globe – from big UK parades with Everton FC, Liverpool FC and Twickenham Rugby Sevens to world famous carnivals in the Caribbean and Brazil!

January 30th 2021. 


  1. Yoga Drop-in – £8 – recharge and renew in blissful candlelight relaxation

Feel refreshed and renewed! Influenced by her recovery journey from an accident that left her nearly paralyzed, Juliana’s classes are made accessible for all levels and abilities-all informed by her movement experience in Afro and Indigenous traditions from her native Brazil, as well as her work as a Movement Facilitator for groups around the world, including Liverpool based Katumba Drumming & Movement.

Every Friday Jan – Dec 2021


  1. Tune in With Katumba Online – £10 – Learn how to build and play your very own drum – from home!

Using high quality visual and audio software, we’ll take you on a journey of rhythm, movement, mindfulness and loads of fun!

Experience a taste of the Katumba style – fun, inclusive and mindful – all from the comfort of your own home. And learn how to make your own easy drum in time for the class, using materials from the home!

January 23rd 2021


New Year Real You