Created by Directors Ritchie Tunstall and native Brazilian Juliana Landim, KATUMBA is a Liverpool-based drumming project with an inclusive ethos and hybrid sound.

Our name Katumba (Ka-toom-bah) was chosen to show acknowledgement of and respect for our Afro-Brazilian heritage; a combination of Ca (‘to bring’ in Portuguese) and toombah (African drum) sums up exactly what we do! The numerological values of ‘Katumba’ – equality, family, harmony, opportunity, love – also represent everything we stand for.


As part of the BrazUka International family – a not-for-profit with charitable aims – we started out in 2015 as a small band with a load of Brazilian drums! Over the years, Katumba has blossomed into an ever-growing family of drummers, performers, artists, dancers, teachers and workshop leaders.


We compose all our own music and choreography, drawing influence from the rhythms and movement of Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean. From samba-reggae and maracatu to funk and drum ‘n’ bass, our fusion is eclectic and full of energy! Have a listen here.


Our strong ethical and cultural identity means that everything we procure – from costumes and accessories to the drums we play – is from fair and sustainable sources. We support independent artists and businesses, and use ethical practices wherever possible.