Our Story

Created by Directors Ritchie Tunstall and native Brazilian Juliana Landim, KATUMBA is a Liverpool-based drumming project with an inclusive ethos and hybrid sound.

Our name Katumba (Ka-toom-bah) was chosen to show acknowledgement of and respect for our Afro-Brazilian heritage; a combination of Ca (‘to bring’ in Portuguese) and toombah (African drum) sums up exactly what we do! The numerological values of ‘Katumba’ – equality, family, harmony, opportunity, love – also represent everything we stand for.


As part of the BrazUka International family – a not-for-profit with charitable aims – we started out in 2015 as a small band with a load of Brazilian drums! Over the years, Katumba has blossomed into an ever-growing family of drummers, performers, artists, dancers, teachers and workshop leaders. In 2018, we renovated and moved in to our very own studio and venue: Katumba Culture Hub.


We compose all our own music and choreography, drawing influence from the rhythms and movement of Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean. From samba-reggae and maracatu to funk and drum ‘n’ bass, our fusion is eclectic and full of energy! Have a listen here.


Our strong ethical and cultural identity means that everything we procure – from costumes and accessories to the drums we play – is from fair and sustainable sources. We support independent artists and businesses, and use ethical practices wherever possible.