Tune In With Katumba

“Tune In With Katumba” offers free online drumming and more for children and adults, funded by Arts Council England. Learn to compose, drum, move and create – from home!

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Build with us, Drum with us, Move with us, Create with us!

Our newest digital & global creative project: “Tune in With Katumba” invites the public of ALL AGES* into the creative process of performance, composition, drumming, movement & visual arts – from the comfort of your home!

You can find all information on the project, including FAQ, timeline and how to get involved further down this page.

ūü•Ā Since lockdown we’ve shifted¬†all our members’ activities online. Now, alongside delivering “TUNE IN WITH KATUMBA”, we’re also in the process of developing an international beginners drumming course AND Drumming & Movement Masterclasses for street bands and musicians – in English, Portuguese and Spanish!



PART 1: Nearly 100 people sent us their #LifeAfterLockdown words. With those words, we composed a powerful piece of percussive music which we’ll teach how to play, move and perform to – culminating in a big split-screen video!

Part 2: Build Your Drum
On Wednesday 3rd June, we’ll be showing you how you can make your very own instruments by upcycling items and even junk found around your home. Click here to find out more and book your free space!

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It’s free and easy to get involved. Follow the easy steps below to join us every week.

1. Register
See all our upcoming sessions on Eventbrite here. Registration is optional for Live broadcasts. Please do register for the Zoom sessions. ALL sessions are free, for all ages and all levels of experience!

2. Download Zoom (it’s¬†free!)
For PC or laptop download Zoom here. For phone, download the Zoom app.

3. Get Excited!
Whether on Youtube Live or Zoom, we’ll email¬†you an¬†access link¬†before each session that you can click to join the fun. Don’t forget to check your spam!

4. Join in
Ritchie, Juliana and Leigh will show you how to build your own instrument, and teach you the rhythms and moves to the music the public helped to compose!

You’ll also be able to interact with others from all over the world! This is the best part of the project, where you can connect with others through Youtube chat or face-to-face video on Zoom (although you don’t have to share your video if you don’t want). For under 18s*, parents and carers must be present on-screen during all online activities.

5. Rally Some Bandmates
Get your friends and family involved too Рthe project is for all ages, and the perfect chance to have fun and learn a new skill, or develop the skills you already have!

6. Sign Up to our Newsletter 
Join¬†here¬†for news and updates on the project and all other Katumba activities. Then, you’ll be the first to hear about the next steps, such as how to submit your final performance video!


*Under 18s

Parents and carers must be present on-screen during all online activities, with adult social media and/or email accounts used for contributions such as photo or video. Please see our following policies for guidance:

  1. Online Safety Policy
  2. Photography and Filming Policy
  3. Safeguarding Policy



Is there a deadline?

Words have already been submitted, but you can now jump in to the rest of the project, including learning to drum, move and perform!

Can under 18s take part?

Of course! The project is for all ages! However, children under 18 still need parental permission. Parents and carers must be present on-screen during all online activities. For the final performance video submission, more information will be provided nearer the time. Please see our policies above for guidance.

How long will the project last?

The whole should run over a month or two. Creativity is fluid Рbelow is a working timeframe which we’ll update as the project develops. Dates are also subject to change depending on Governmant guidance in light of COVID-19.

We’ll post each part on our website and social media with clear details on how you can get involved each step of the way! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram! If you have any questions about the project, get in touch using our contact form HERE.