Katumba online drumming
Katumba online drumming


Bring the Katumba vibes right into the comfort of your home with our online classes!

How Does It Work & How to Book

We are currently exploring the best technologies to offer our diverse activities digitally!

For now, Juliana’s live yoga classes are available on her Youtube.

To book for the first time (the process is a lot easier then it may sound):

  1. Click “BOOK” on the class you want on the schedule above (please book at least 1 hour before the class starts).
  2. You will be taken to our online studio software Karmasoft which manages all our activities and participants.
  3. Click “Sign Up – New Students” rather than Guest Checkout, as you’ll be able to manage your booking.
  4. When registering, PLEASE check both boxes are ticked to receive “notification emails” and “communication emails” otherwise you won’t receive our class details (screenshot below).
  5. You will be taken to our store page where you can click on ‘buy’ to choose the class you like.
  6. When directed to the Katumba Culture Hub Order page you can enter your payment details and click “Process Order”.

Success! You will receive a confirmation email with full details on how to access your online class.

Next time you book your class, all your details will be saved so you can skip steps 3 to 5.

sign up karmasoft

*Sometimes the shopping basket might appear empty – if so, refresh the page and try again.

**Alternatively you can make a donation through paypal.me/katumbadrumming

***We are offering some free and discount spaces for those who have been affected by COVID-19. Get in touch on the contact details below for more information.


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch 07794743936 or using our contact form HERE


About the teacher: Juliana Pinheiro Landim

Juliana is an experienced, compassionate teacher who encourages a playful and non-judgemental approach to yoga.  Brazilian yogini, musician and Katumba Movement Director Juliana Landim says: ‘Influenced by my recovery through yoga from an accident that left me nearly paralysed, I bring a unique sense of empowerment & knowledge to my classes. Through asanas, intention, pranayama, meditation and sound work, my goal is to make yoga accessible – and transformative – to all. I teach in a way that motivates students – regardless of experience or yoga background – to connect and discover their bodies, what they are capable of, and how they can heal and prevent problem areas through yoga.’